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But when She Opens the Door..

On a March day in Ireland the fickle weather shifts from sun to wind to rain to snow. In rollicking read aloud rhyme, Katie O'Shea keeps changing clothes to discover which outfit is best.

No More Turnips!

The Three Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf have grandchildren now. The youngest grandwolf, Frank, is tired of turnips and determined to get a pork chop dinner. He watches the Third Pig's brick house, but boredom leads to false alarms and unwanted attention from little grandpigs.

Giving Words to Feelings - a new direction in writing by Robin Currie

When the Animals Moved In

A child describes feeling about family separation and divorce by comparing them to various animals, first observing changes in the parents, then realizing those feelings are inside as well. Resolution takes time, but strategies for self soothing bring hope.