What's Ahead: Books in the Works

The Very Best Story Ever Told coming in August 2018

Kindergarten is Not Right for Me

James has such hopes for Kindergarten! But from Day 1 he (and buddy Jackson) and Ms. Munson seem to have differing ideas about how to Succeed in Kindergarten without Really Trying.

Frank: the Wolf Who Cried "Pig!"

The Three Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf have grandchildren now. The youngest grandwolf, Frank, is tired of turnips and determined to get a pork chop dinner. He watches the Third Pig's brick house, but boredom leads to false alarms and unwanted attention from little grandpigs. This story is a combination of two traditional tales: Three Little Pigs and the Boy Who Cried Wolf.

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Giving Words to Feelings - a new direction in writing by Robin Currie

Once We Were Human

In a real divorcing household, adults act in strange ways: yappy dogs and snappy alligators are only the beginning. Humans do come back, but it is never the same.